About Us

Clear To Go is more than just an app.

We develop pioneering solutions for resilient enterprises, now serving more than 300,000 users and hundreds of clients.


Our Mission

Clear To Go streamlines and strengthens your efforts to ensure health, safety, and well-being within your organization. Our goal is to help you manage and be prepared for disruptions of all kinds, now and in the future.

Our in-app solutions address three essential pillars of resilience:

  • Employee Care ensures individual employees stay healthy and your operations run strong through adversity.

  • Employee Engagement keeps staff members informed, empowered, and happy in their roles.

  • Workplace Health & Safety enforces rules that protect everyone in your facilities from harm.

By simplifying these challenges, Clear To Go helps you increase productivity, reduce employee turnover, and minimize legal risks. We save time, reduce workloads, and eliminate stress for your busy internal teams—even in a crisis. And we provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re ready for anything.

Our Vision

Clear To Go is spearheading the evolution of a new breed of technology to ensure resilience across any organization.

Today, leaders in every industry understand that thriving people are a competitive advantage. At the same time, threats to health and productivity are multiplying as global change accelerates and crises spread faster than ever. At Clear To Go, we are creating solutions that will evolve and adapt to whatever new problems our clients face—tomorrow, next year, or a decade from now.

We believe the future belongs to resilient organizations: companies and institutions that can absorb tough blows and emerge stronger than ever. Let’s build resilience together.

Our Story

When COVID-19 struck in early 2020, businesses and institutions of all kinds scrambled for ways to keep their people safe. As experts in SaaS development, we knew we could make a difference—and so we created the Clear To Go app.

In just 6 weeks, we introduced a full suite of tools to assist overstretched teams with a massive flood of new tasks, from daily screening to case management. But as more and more clients turned to us, we saw the pandemic was only one of the problems they faced. Building on the lessons we had learned, we added more and more capabilities to keep people healthy, safe, and thriving.

Since launch in June 2020, Clear To Go has evolved into a mature solution with the most comprehensive, user-friendly features on the market. Our clients have used Clear To Go to perform over 6 million health screenings and manage over 50,000 cases. As we move into the future, we draw on our hard-won experience to help organizations deal with the challenges of resilience.